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Shrimp King Mineral
SIZE: 45g


Shrimp King Mineral is a food stick for targeted food supplementation with extra minerals. With 7% calcium and 10% montmorillonite, it supports molting and a strong shell.

Sinking, water-stable feed sticks consisting of 100% natural ingredients for mineral supplementation. As well as many high-quality ingredients like those used in Shrimp King Complete, Shrimp King Mineral contains extra minerals. The proven clay mineral montmorillonite (10%), pure calcium-carbonate (5%) and valuable coralline red algae (10%) provide all shrimp with plenty of calcium and other minerals as well as essential trace elements. In particular, the natural calcium from coralline red algae exhibits high bioavailability and can be utilized readily by the shrimp. Unlike crayfish, shrimp must regularly ingest minerals, as they do not have gastroliths (stomach stones) in order to store them.

Shrimp King Mineral supports smooth molting and the development of a strong new shell.

Guarantee: No artificial colorings or preservatives, no fish meal

Shrimp King Mineral is also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs und snails.

Guarantee: No artificial colorings or preservatives, no fish meal.

Shrimp King Complete is also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs and snails.

Shimp King Mineral breaks Easy allowing for Feeding in Small Amounts. It also flakes Apart in the Water which Reduces Aggression during Feeding. It supports Molting and Strong Shells. It contains added Calcium for Easy Molting and extra Minerals for Healthy Shrimp Breeding and Keeping


Ingredients: kelp, shrimp wholemeal, wheat protein, coralline red algae (10%), calcium carbonate (5%), lucerne, green-lipped mussel, yeast, walnut leaves, rosemary

Analytical constituents:

28.4% crude protein, 2.5% crude fat, 4.6% raw fibre, 31.9% crude ash, 6.6% moisture, 7.29% calcium, 1.35% sodium, 0.42% phosphorus, 0.71% magnesium Additives per kg: 100 g E 558 bentonite-montmorillonite
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