GlasGarten Liquid GH+ - 1000ML

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GlasGarten Liquid GH+ 
SIZE: 1000ml


Liquid GH+  is a liquid mineral salt for the treatment / remineralization of osmosis water, demineralized water, rainwater and soft tap water. It adds vital minerals and trace elements to your aquarium water and raises the total hardness (GH).

Liquid GH+  is based on an original Japanese recipe. Contained minerals and trace elements are adapted for the keeping and breeding of shrimps from soft water habitats, such as bee shrimp (Bee shrimp) and their breeding forms, tiger shrimp, bumblebee shrimp, etc. and promote well-being, magnificent colors, reproduction and healthy growth.


Liquid GH+  supports the important microbiology in the aquarium, for biofilm and effective working of the filter bacteria in the soil and aquarium filter. Good water quality and a clean environment near the bottom are especially important for your shrimp to feel good and healthy and active.


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