Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder

Product image 1Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder
Product image 2Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder
Product image 3Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder
Product image 4Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder
Product image 5Mk Breed Z-Silver Powder

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MK Breed Z-Silver Powder 
30 Gram Jar



MK-Breed Z-Silver is a nitrogen cycle promoting water conditioner formulated for freshwater dwarf shrimp aquariums. It's fortified with nitrifying bacteria and pro-biotics to boost biological filtration. It removes nitrites, nitrates, and other toxins from the aquarium water and breaks down organic material from leftover food and fish/shrimp waste while suppressing algae growth.

This product accelerates the cycling process, stabilizes algae growth, and increases dissolved oxygen in the water. Contains nitrobacteria, nitrifying bacteria, Bacillus subtitis natto, Lactobacillus faecalis, photosynthetic bacteria, and other beneficial bacteria and pro-biotics.


Add to tank prior to adding substrate, add between layers of substrate. Add to tank water or filter each time new shrimp are added. Add 1 scoop per 10 gallons.


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