Red Tiger Motaquense "Rio Blanco"

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Red Tiger Motaquense
Rio Blanco

(Parachromis Motaguense - Red Tiger)

1/2'-1" Fry - 10 fish for $100

Parachromis Motaguensis is a species of cichlid native to Guatemala and Honduras in Central America.

Unlike its close relative the Parachromis Managuensis, commonly know and traded as the jaguar cichlid, the Motaguensis isn't as commonly encountered in the aquarium trade. Although their visual appearance is very similar, The Motaguensis (traded by many names, including Red tiger, Red dragon cichlid) displays an array of bright red dots, (hence the variants of the common name), which run along the flanks to the base of the caudal fin. An impressive array of this colouration is made distinct on the gills of this fish where such color is highly pronounced.

The female of this species is even more brilliantly colored, with a deep shades of red and oranges much more prominent than the males color. This color is enhanced further during the breeding period.

This species grows to a length of 12 in.

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