Shrimp King Artemia Pops

Product image 1Shrimp King Artemia Pops Shrimp Food - Aquatic Support Systems
Product image 2Shrimp King Artemia Pops Shrimp Food - Aquatic Support Systems

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Shrimp Artemia Pops
SIZE: 40g


Sinkable food sticks made from organic soya bran with valuable Artemia and Daphnia. Tasty feeding fun for all shrimps. The food sticks easily crumble away and form a “food carpet“ – thus, every animal is able to get to the food. For healthy growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction.

Soy beans, belonging to the family of pulses, are known as source of high-quality protein. The legumes are rich in vital amino acids, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as cell protection micronutrients, such as folic acid and selenium. Those are accompanied by essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Due to their prebiotic properties, dietary fibres provide for a healthy digestion. >

Shrimp King Artemia Pops is also ideal for feeding crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPOs), crabs, long-arm shrimps and snails

In their natural habitat, shrimps are mostly omnivores. Although their main diet is vegetable food, animal proteins are also essential. Small crustaceans belong to their natural diet and are an important element of a balanced nutrition. Therefore, Artemia Pops contains natural brine shrimp species (Artemia) and water fleas (Daphnia). Regarding their material structure, these crustaceans are similar to shrimps. As high-quality natural food they supply the adequate amino acids and fats. The chitin of their shell serves as digestion enhancing fibre. Vital minerals guarantee a successful moulting and a solid exoskeleton. The numerous positive ingredients make Artemia Pops an ideal alternative and supplement to the main feed. They promote a healthy, balanced growth and plentiful reproduction. Also ideally suited as valuable snack.

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