Shrimp King Bee Salt GH+

Product image 1Shrimp King Bee Salt GH+
Product image 2Shrimp King Bee Salt GH+

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Shrimp King Bee Salt GH
SIZE: 200g


Dennerle Shrimp King Bee Salt GH+ 200g, for targeted hardening of osmosis water, rain water, and deionized water. Developed especially for keeping and breeding shrimps from soft-water habitats such as bee and bumble bee shrimps. Includes all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins the shrimp need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colors, and breeding. With Bee Salt, water can be created with an increased total hardness, but no carbonate hardness, comparable to that which soft-water shrimps are accustomed to in their natural habitats. At the same time Bee Salt helps the performance of the filter bacteria and improves plant growth. It is quickly applied and rapidly soluble.

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