Amphilophus Cichlid Aquarium Tour

Hi everyone! I thought I would upload a quick, random Amphilophus aquarium tour. In this video you’ll see some of my big cichlid aquariums, more specifically, my Amphilophus aquariums. I'll show you my Midas Cichlid aquariums (Amphilophus CItrinellus), Red Isletas Aquarium (Amphilophus Red Isletas) and my Trimac Aquariums (Amphilophus Trimaculatus). I feed my fish Southern Delight fish food which is available on my website.

We also sell NorthFin, Sera, and New Life Spectrum Fish Foods.

You can order these foods from my eStore:

Fish Room Tour - October 2018

Brian Dahlberg
Aquatic Support Systems

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