Chris Lukhaup, AKA the Shrimp King, Special Guest at the MN Planted Tank Aquarium Fall BBQ

On September 15th, the Shrimp King himself, Chris Lukhaup, was the special guest at the MN Planted Tank Aquarium Fall BBQ. I recorded most of Chris’s presentation and the video is posted below. Check it out, it’s very interesting.

As you may know, Chris Lukhaup has a shrimp food named after him called Shrimp King by Dennerle. Aquatic Support Systems has 7 of the Shrimp King foods available and in stock including the following:

  • Shrimp King Complete
  • Shrimp King 5 in 1
  • Shrimp King Protein
  • Shrimp King Color
  • Shrimp King Mineral
  • Shrimp King 5 Leaf Mix
  • Shrimp King Algae Pops

MN Planted Tank Aquarium Fall BBQ video
Special Guest, Chris Lukhaup, AKA the Shrimp King

Thanks for visiting Aquatic Support Systems!

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