Unboxing 200 Shrimp!

Hi everyone! In this video I unbox 200 shrimp that I ordered from my friend Rob at Flip Aquatics. These are Red Cherry Shrimp and are pretty high quality.

I also show you how I acclimate these cherry shrimp for my freshwater planted tank. Neocaridina Davidi are the scientific name for these Red Cherry Shrimp. Freshwater dwarf shrimp make a great addition to any planted aquarium. I feed my freshwater shrimp, Shrimp King, MK Breed and GlasGarten foods. These are all available on our website.

You can order Shrimp King, MK Breed, GlasGarten foods (as well as other brands) from our eStore: AquaticSupportSystems.com.

Unboxing 200 Cherry Shrimp

Brian Dahlberg, Owner
Aquatic Support Systems


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We cater to the beginner fish keeper to the experienced aquarium hobbyist. Aquarium fish keeping is an awesome way to learn about nature and aquatic ecosystems. You will find that you can connect with nature by keeping a fish aquarium. We'd love you to join us on our journey and subscribe to Brian's Fish Tanks and check out our regular videos.


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