VegyKrill 1 lb. bag

Product image 1VegyKrill 1 lb. bag
Product image 2VegyKrill 1 lb. bag
Product image 3VegyKrill 1 lb. bag

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Southern Delight

(Net wt. 1 lb.) 2.5 MM Sink and Soften Pellet - Algae Bites
Highly concentrated, professional grade fish food for Marine or Freshwater use.
VegyKrill is part of the Tropexotic Line.

Custom blended utilizing the expertise of fish biologists to mimic the nutritionally diverse feeding habits of foraging fish found in nature. Each different pellet has it's own distinct set of ingredients formulated with unique levels of algae and plant proteins and fibers; as well as marine aminos for flavor and development. Rich densities of all natural and pure chlorophyll and probiotics boost color and immunity! Great for SPOT FEEDING shy fish


Tangs, Rabbitfish, Angels, Goby, Blenny, Cows, Filefish, Parrots, Obster, Shrimp, Starfish, Claims, Pleco, Loach, Cory, Cats, Stiphodon, Eel, Ray, Discus, Severum, Fresh Sharks, Koi, Goldfish, Tropheus, Petrochromis, Goby and Mbuna Cichlid

Not for human consumption.
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